Power Topics Category: Awards

  • Gold   for Social Responsibility Communication for Club Enerji !
  • Silver   for Wall Calendar design 2011-12
  • Bronze   in Multi Media CD ROM Interactive presentation on Resource Conservation for Club Enerji

Tata Power, India's integrated power Company has been bestowed with three prestigious Communication awards at the 52nd ‘Association of Business Communicators of India' (ABCI) Awards Nite held on 19th October 2012.

ABCI is the only association of its kind in India to promote excellence in business communications. Its Annual Awards Nite has always been a memorable occasion for India's Corporate and Media Circles. At this year's ABCI Awards, Tata Power won three distinct awards -‘Social Responsibility Communication' and ‘Multimedia CD-ROM based presentation' for its nation-wide energy and resource conservation program Tata Power Club Enerji and ‘Best Wall Calender Design'.

The swiftly growing Club Enerji movement won a   Gold Award   in the ‘Social Responsibility Communication' category. This category focuses on a campaign that has as its main purpose the communication of a Company's efforts in meeting its social responsibilities beyond its main business. In another category Club Enerji won a Bronze Award   in the ‘Multimedia CD-ROM based presentation' category. This category caters to the Professional quality Presentations made using various media such as audio, slides, videos etc. Club Enerji won this award for the Resource Conservation module that was developed and launched this year as a part of the Club Enerji syllabus. It is an interactive flash based module on the importance of resources, the scarcity and the ways to conserve resources.

Tata Power also won a   Silver Award   in the ‘Best Wall Calendar Design Category'. The theme of the calendar was ‘Powering a Greener world' with the concept being executed with posters drawn by children of Tata Power employees depicting various ways to power a greener world.

Speaking on this recognition, Mr. Anil Sardana, Managing Director, Tata Power said,   “We are delighted to see Club Enerji and our efforts on educating our stakeholders on resource conservation and green living being felicitated on such a prestigious platform once again. These recognitions will help us to further raise awareness about the importance of conserving environment and through young children, who are the future.”

Club Enerji has also been recently recognised at the international   ‘APELA 2012' Awards and Gold Stevie Award for being the best Marketing Campaign of the Year 2012 – Energy category.   The movement was also recognized as the   ‘Best Marketing Campaign of the Year'   by CMO Asia Awards 2011,   ‘Most Innovative Campaign'   at USA's The Energy Daily's 2010 Leadership Awards. In November 2010, apart from these Club Enerji was bestowed with the Gold Award by the   Association of Business Communicators' (ABCI)   in the   “Environmental Communications” category   and was Ranked #2 out of 22 entries in the   “Earth Care” category of Siemens Ecovative Award 2010 .

About Tata Power Club Enerji:
Tata Power started its school outreach programme, “Tata Power Energy Club” in 2007. In 2009, Club Enerji took its next big leap, with the programme turning into a national movement, covering more than 250 schools across Mumbai, Delhi, Pune, Ahmedabad, Bengaluru, Kolkata, Belgaum, Jamshedpur, Ranchi, Haldia and Lonavla and further attained a new milestone of achieving over one million citizens sensitization and more than one million units energy savings. School children, from Class III to Class IX, are taught the importance of conserving energy through innovative modules which include audiovisuals and power point presentations. Children are imparted energy saving and resource conservation tips during these sessions, usage of which have shown dramatic savings. In 2011-12, Tata Power Club Enerji reached out to 285 schools nationwide, sensitised over 1.5 million citizens and saved more than 2.8 million units of energy. It received over 25,348 Energy Champions, 26,273 Energy Ambassadors and 1029 self-sustaining Mini Energy Clubs in the year. The units saved by the Club are equivalent to saving 2800 tonnes of CO2 and is enough to light up more than 900 houses for a year.

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