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France, February, 10, 2016: As a result of a joint collaboration effort, Adetel Group and JSR Micro NV announce the release of POWERLIC™, an ULTIMO® Lithium Ion Capacitor (LIC) module. POWERLIC™ provides an answer to the increasing need for sustainable autonomy in the transportation industry (tramways, hybrid buses, light rail vehicles) in embedded systems or fast charging stations. Certified to meet the transportation industry requirements, POWERLIC™ allows to double the energy density and lifetime compared to solutions available on the market today. This advantageous performance comes in a reduced footprint. With hardly any maintenance required, the lowest operating cost is reached whilst its rackable format and individual safety integrity level (SIL2) allows safe and easy operation.

ULTIMO® Lithium ion Capacitors, supplied by JSR Micro NV in Europe, are used at the energy storage device within the module. By changing the type of cell, the characteristics of the modules can be tuned in order to provide the optimum balance between energy and power at the lowest cost of ownership.

A Lithium Ion Capacitor is a type of hybrid super-capacitor, combining properties of Lithium Ion Batteries with properties of Electric Double Layer Capacitors. As a result, it offers a high energy density and a high power density in combination with an outstanding cycle life. Moreover, it is safe to use.

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Tokyo, February 26, 2016: Sungrow, one of the leading PV-inverter manufacturers in the world, will present its brand new inverter, the SG49K5J at PV EXPO Japan 2016.

The SG49K5J is a custom designed inverter, with a nominal AC output power of 49.5KW. It has a maximum efficiency of nearly 99%, making it one of the most efficient inverters in the Japanese solar market. It is also applicable to the 50KW grid, and one SG49K5J inverter, is enough for a whole PV power plant, saving costs on logistics and management. The SG49K5J also has high heat dissipating capabilities, keeping the internal temperature at a low level. The SG49K5J is stable in high temperatures, ensuring excellent yields of power generation and has passed the JIS8502 salt spray test. This test examines if the inverter can work stably in conditions with high salt levels (coastal areas) and humidity in the air, by placing the inverter in a salt spray chamber for a period of 50 days. The SG49K5J also works in numerous bad weather conditions and hostile environments.

Sungrow Japan now has a highly trained team for the Japanese market. Located in Shinbashi, Tokyo, the office comprises of teams for technology support, management and customer service. Sungrow Japan is capable of offering after-sales service, nationally across Japan.

“With the dramatic development of the solar market, Japan is increasingly important to Sungrow. We are committed to focusing on technology innovation, making better inverters and providing professional services to customers”, said Professor Cao Renxian , CEO of Sungrow . “The SG49K5J will offer a new level of quality to our customers in Japan, and we look forward to debuting it at PV EXPO Japan”, Professor Cao continued.

As one of the most important solar events in Asia, the PV EXPO Japan March 2 to 4, 2016 in Tokyo is forthcoming, attracting manufacturers in solar industry all over the world. Sungrow is going to present SG49K5J and the classic product SG34KJ in booth W10-8.

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Mumbai, March 02, 2016: Schneider Electric India - the global specialist in Energy Management and Automation today launched their first B2C product ‘Under Floor Air Distribution System’ (UFAD) at Acrex India 2016 in Goregaon, Mumbai. Mr. Alberto Carporali, General Manager Access Floor Business, Schneider Electric was present at the event.

Commenting on the launch, Mr. Alberto Carporali, General Manager Access Floor Business, Schneider Electric, said, “India is one of the most promising markets for us and we are glad to be a part of this major launch event in India. Through the launch of UFAD (Under Floor Air Distribution), which is a new concept of comfort cooling, Schneider Electric IT will mark its entry into B2C space as UFAD is meant for office space and other public utility structures’ cooling needs.”

Mr. Thanik B, Director – Strategy and Business Development, ECO Buildings, also commented on the launch saying “India is a strong market for Schneider Electric. Through this launch of UFAD, we will have a strong foothold in the country, which is a major benchmark in the growth of Schneider Electric globally. We envision in expanding our services in the country and making it a key market and Acrex 2016 is the best platform for us to introduce the same.”

Product Specifications:

The UFAD system uses the space between the structural concrete slab and the underside of a raised access floor to deliver conditioned air directly into the occupied zone of the building. This principle can be developed in different configurations, according to the customer’s needs and project requirements.

Pressurized Plenum configuration

This configuration consists of an air handling unit delivering air through the under floor plenum, maintaining a pressure that allows air to be delivered into the space through passive floor air diffusers.

Fan-powered air diffusers (UTCT) can be integrated in closed meeting rooms and offices where the temperature requires rapid and personalized adjustments.

Zero-pressure configuration

In this configuration the central air handling unit delivers conditioned air to the underfloor plenum, but in this case the plenum is maintained at very nearly the same pressure as the conditioned space. Active fan-powered diffusers supply the air into the occupied zone of the space.


0% waste of Space

Saves more than 20% of energy

40% faster construction time

and 100% flexible.

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Wellington, March 24, 2016: Two new all-electric tube bending machines are helping Ultibend Industries to boost the manufacturing productivity of stainless steel tube fittings for food and beverage processing systems. Customised to suit Ultibend's proprietary manufacturing process, the machines from Unison automate the bending of tube fitting shapes such as elbows and U-bends, in sizes from 1/2 to 4 inches diameter. Initial manufacturing operations have demonstrated that the new machinery boosts manufacturing speed compared with the previous hydraulic bending process.

Ultibend started in 1992 as a subcontract tube bender, supplying architectural pipework. The company also found a market for tubular parts for the strong local food processing industry, and evolved from sub-contract work into offering a broad range of stainless steel tube fitting parts for applications including food, winery, brewery, dairy and sanitary processing.

As part of the company's development, Ultibend designed and manufactured its own tube bending machines. There are now four of these machines and they have served Ultibend well, but they are hydraulically powered - and critically for the future development of the company - only offer a very basic level of machine and operator control. As the company has expanded, it became interested in upgrading the bending process with more flexible all-electric machines - using software-controlled servomotor controlled bending. Developing its own solution to this upgrade would involve familiarity with servomotor based motion control as well as much more sophisticated machine control and interfacing software - and it was viewed as too big a step for the Ultibend engineering team. So, it decided to look to the commercial market for an upgrade.

Ultibend settled on Unison as the supplier, largely because of the fact that it had started life as a machine controls and software supplier and that a large proportion of its output was customised.

"We didn't want a standard machine, so discovering Unison was great. Their willingness to customise - and the fact that they are genuine machine control experts - gave us confidence that we would get the far-reaching solution that we were searching for," says Ultibend's co-founder and director, Linc Turley. "The investment means that our business now has the manufacturing platform to support substantial growth, including our current expansion into the USA and other new export markets."

One of Ultibend's unique advantages is the very high functional quality of its tube fittings. Bends are highly uniform, with the kind of ovality tolerances that would normally only be found in an aerospace workshop. This quality level is achieved by Ultibend's proprietary manufacturing process, which means that bent parts are exceptionally uniform as they come off the machine. Ultibend also developed its own clamping system, which allows short elbow and U-shape parts to be gripped and bent at the expense of trimming only a miniscule amount of scrap material. Both of these techniques have been incorporated in Unison's new customised machine design.

"Unison's customisation capability means that we've been able to emulate unique features Ultibend uses in its process, and then exploit the all-electric machine architecture to enhance productivity," says Jim Saynor, Unison's Senior Commercial Manager. "The result is that the two new machines have increased output- while also providing much richer programming, networking and operator control facilities to open up further opportunities for progress."

The main reason the Unison machines speed the bending is the inherently greater control of motion that's possible inside Unison's software-controlled, all-electric machine architecture. The software gearbox is able to control and coordinate several axes simultaneously for instance, avoiding the delays of a more mechanical machine such as the latency in response of a slave axis.


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Helsinki, April 7, 2016: The Switch, a specialist of megawatt-class permanent magnet (PM) machines for advanced marine drive trains, has been selected to deliver its PM shaft generator for an LNG carrier with a 45,000 cubic meter cargo capacity, allowing the vessel to gain greater efficiency over its entire speed range. This order is part of a complete energy efficiency system being delivered by WE Tech Solutions (WE Tech) of Finland to Saga LNG Shipping Pte. Ltd. The vessel will be built by China Merchants Heavy Industry Co., Ltd.

Earlier this year, The Switch received a PM shaft generator order with an option of one more from the energy-efficient solution provider WE Tech for an LNG carrier owned by Saga LNG Shipping Pte. Ltd. Deliveries are scheduled to commence in October 2016.

“The optimized PM shaft generator system using WE Drive™ allows unprecedented levels of energy efficiency in the marine industry,” says Mika Koli, Business Development Manager of The Switch. WE DriveTM is WE Tech’s variable frequency drive for shaft generator applications.

Using the active front-end low harmonic drive technology of WE Drive™, The Switch’s PM shaft generator can operate over the full main engine speed range while generating electricity for the vessel’s electrical network with high efficiency. This feature is particularly advantageous in electrical part loads, which is the normal electrical load condition in any ship.

Along with The Switch PM shaft generator and WE Drive™, WE Tech will also deliver its efficient power distribution solution that provides the vessel’s electrical network with up to 1200 kW of electrical power in Power Take Out (PTO) mode. The delivery also features the Power Take In (PTI) mode for Take Me Home, whereby the WE Drive™ is used as an auxiliary propulsion drive when the main engine is not in operation. Furthermore, the solution utilizes the common DC-link in the WE Drive™ to enable energy-efficient DC power distribution for the bow thruster.

The high-speed PMM 500 marine shaft generator will be connected to the PTO shaft of the reduction gear in the propulsion line. The Switch offers PMM 500 shaft generators in various power ranges from 0.5 to 4 MW at speeds of up to 2,000 rpm to best adapt to various requirements.

“Over the past few years, we’ve been developing our solution together with The Switch and other close suppliers,” says Mårten Storbacka, Managing Director of WE Tech Solutions. The main advantage of permanent magnet technology is that it significantly increases energy efficiency. Depending on how you calculate it, fuel savings are approximately 20-30%. Since this technology lowers the need for installed power on a ship, energy generation and weight are reduced significantly, thereby lowering fuel consumption and the need for maintenance.”

During the past two years alone, The Switch has received numerous orders from WE Tech for which its PM shaft generator will be used in WE Tech’s energy-efficient solutions. These include a delivery for four new-build vessels owned by Wallenius Lines of Sweden to China’s Tianjin Xingang shipyard, four new-build vessels owned by Terntank Rederi AS of Denmark to China’s Avic Dingheng Shipbuilding, two new-build vessels owned by Transport Desgagnés of Canada to Turkey’s Besiktas Shipyard, two new-build vessels owned by Vulica Shipping of the US to China’s Jiangsu Hantong Ship Heavy Industry and two new-build vessels owned by Tarbit Shipping AB of Sweden to Turkey’s RMK Marine.

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London, April 27, 2016: Sungrow, the world’s leading PV inverter manufacturers, announced that more than 100 MW’s of inverters have been connected to grid in the UK during Q1 of 2016.

This takes Sungrow’s total installations in the UK to over 260 MW’s. The units deployed were a mixture of string and central inverters, including the SG2000/2500 10 feet compact container turnkey solution, the SG2000/2500-MV 20 feet container turnkey solution, the SG60KTL string inverter and the SG1000MX outdoor central inverter.

With a maximum inverter efficiency of 98.7% and a 10 feet compact design,SG2000/2500 is widely deployed in the Chinese, Indian, and British markets. The unit incorporates Anti-PID functionality for negative grounding PV systems, and has an operating temperature range of -35 to +60℃. Offering a DC/AC ratio of 1.4, the system provides high energy yields, and is specifically built for large ground mounted PV plants. In order to better meet customers’ demands, Sungrow also provides the SG2000/2500-MV, which incorporates 4 units of the SG500/630MX PV central inverters, the MV transformer, MV switchgear and relevant accessories, into a standard 20 feet container, providing a cost-effective unit. Moreover, it is easy to maintain thanks to front access, and is certified to operate in a variety of locations globally.

The SG60KTL is Sungrow’s most popular string inverter product, and is designed with integrated string monitoring functionality. It has an extremely high power yield with a lightweight design, operating with a maximum efficiency of 99%. Also, the SG60KTL allows maximum 40 units to be connected in parallel.

“Sungrow always focuses on technical innovation with over 35% of our employees in the R&D department. We will offer better products and services to the UK’s customers,” said Professor Cao Renxian, CEO of Sungrow.

Sungrow is now currently the world’s largest PV inverter manufacturer with over 8.2 gigawatts of shipments in 2015. With a solid platform to work from, Sungrow can now look forward to future success in the UK PV market.

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