ReGen launches largest capacity wind turbine in India

News Category: National

Chennai, October 2014 - ReGen Powertech, one of the leading wind turbine manufacturers in India, has introduced India’s largest wind turbine WD 2.8 with a rated power output of 2.8 MW and rotor diameter of 109 meters.

According to the company, this is the largest capacity turbine with the biggest rotor diameter to be developed in India. Entirely designed and developed by ReGen’s own R&D subsidiary in Germany, Wind Direct GmbH, this turbine has many unique design and constructional features.

Primarily developed for the medium and high wind regions, this turbine is mainly intended for export to the emerging markets outside of the Indian subcontinent. It is expected that the introduction of this new turbine, a prototype of which is under testing in ReGen’s own test site in Coimbatore district of Tamilnadu, will mark ReGen’s foray into the global arena.

ReGen Powertech has been in the Indian market for the last six years and has about 1,500 MW of installation in India and Sri Lanka. It presently manufactures 1.5 MW synchronous permanent magnet gearless wind turbines with a technology agreement with Vensys Germany. In this short span of six years, ReGen Powertech has introduced wind turbines with three different rotor diameters of 77, 82 and 87 meter suitable for low and medium wind regions found in countries like India.

The WD 2.8 MW wind turbine, with its unique modular design, is highly suitable for medium and high wind regions. This wind turbine is expected to be ready for commercial launch by end of 2015.